Friday, September 16, 2011

Wanna See What They're Saying?

I am spending WAY too much time following the Mills & Boon New Voices Contest. I'm obsessed with reading entries, commenting when I can and searching out comments on my own manuscript, Tell Me No Lies. Seriously, it's a HUGE time-suck and I'd forgotten about that.

BUT... who can walk away from comments like these?

1.    I absolutely love the idea of these two working together!  They already make a great pair, and all the little details and actions you've incorporated make them seem that much more real. Looking forward to reading more, I hope, and good luck with the competition!

2.    Really really really good. Made me laugh with the line 'crushing her... assets'. You left the chapter on such a great hook, I definitely want to read chapter 2.

3.    Wow. Wow. My absolute favourite story so far, this really resonated with me. Grady is a brilliantly portrayed hero/bad boy and I adored the last line of his POV: Rock. Hard place. His ass caught in between. Heroine is definitely a perfect match for him. I really hope you make it to the next round as I would love to read more. Well done and good luck!

4.    Pretty sure I'm crushing on Grady lol. As someone else said there are some great asides here, and I'm liking the romantic tension you've already set up. Very easy reading. Good luck with the competition!

This is why I entered last year and entered again this year- for the feedback. To hear your friends and family tell you that you write well is one thing. To hear it from complete strangers is amazing!

Now, seeing how much comments mean to the writers, won't you consider visiting the contest and commenting? I'm not even talking about my entry (although if you want to that's okay with me!), but about the entries of some of the other 143 writers who have entered. Go ahead. You know you wanna.


  1. Fantastic comments!!! Whether you win or not, these have got to have you walking on a high! Good going!

  2. Thanks, Bailey! Yep, this is proof that I'm doing something right! I have no expectations of even making the top 20, never mind winning (with so many entries the odds aren't in my favor!), but I wouldn't miss the chance to get feedback.