Monday, September 12, 2011

My Letter To Matt Damon

Dear Matt Damon,

You don't know this, but everyone in my world does: You are, without a doubt, my favorite actor.

I'm sorry I was not able to see your latest movie on opening weekend. I made a deal with myself that as soon as I finished my manuscript revisions I would go see Contagion. I had even saved the money on my gift card specifically for this movie.  I had hoped to see it this past weekend. I made the deal in hopes of motivating myself to get my work done, but sadly it didn't happen.

Please know this is not a reflection on how much I do or don't love you. It turned out my revisions were way more agonizing than I had anticipated. Even now, Monday morning, there are still a few sections that need work.

I thought that maybe I could go see the movie one day this week after work, but even that isn't looking too promising. Not only do I have this manuscript to finish, I have another I also have to prep for submission AND I have a contest to enter tomorrow. (Mills & Boon New Voices contest. Feel free to read and comment on my story starting tomorrow if you'd like! It's called Tell Me No Lies and it'll be in the suspense category.)

Again, I am terribly sorry I wasn't able to see your outstanding performance in Contagion during its opening weekend, but I do promise to see you in action by next week this time. Take care and keep busy making great movies so I can keep seeing you on the big screen.

Love your #1 one fan,


  1. Alexa...this is Matt Damon, sorry I had to use Liz Walker's account to leave you a message.

    LOL Alexa, you crack me up. I would use that same letter except my favorite actress has passed on. :-/

    It would be lovely if Matt actually responded!

    Have a great day and I hope you finally have everything revised.

  2. LOL! Thanks, Lizzie! I did manage to finish most of those revisions last night and I'm almost done with revising my synopsis for another story (the one being prepped for submission). As for him actually responding, I think I'm way too skeptical to ever believe he himself would respond.

    But how cool would that be, huh? :)