Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September!

September 13th is the birthday of my favorite fictional character, Jason Bourne! I'm thinking I might celebrate somehow. I'll keep you updated. (He'd be 41, by the way.)

RWA National has elections. I take my time and read through all the information for the candidates. I don't make it a popularity contest. A fellow Celtic Heart, Kerri Nelson, is up for Chapter Liaison. Consider voting for her if you think she sounds like the right candidate!

I'm 5 weeks into a part-time receptionist job, which has relieved some of my financial difficulties and has allowed me time to work on my books. I'm now going to start looking again for another part-time job or a completely different full-time job. If I can avoid going back to substitute teaching, I'd be so much happier.

9 weeks since I submitted my full manuscript that was requested. I know the publishing world is traditionally slow, but it doesn't make the waiting any easier. I'm about ready to start pulling out my strand at a time. To keep myself from doing that I'll be hard at work on revisions this month for 2 different manuscripts.

10 weeks into my diet and I'm down exactly 15lbs. I'm still hitting the gym several times a week (between 9 &13 classes a week). The big motivation to keep going is how much better I feel, how my clothes are too big and how much my physical appearance has changed, at least to me.

My twitter fascination hasn't become an obsession yet. It's been interesting, though, because I'm following several editors and agents. It's neat to see a bit into their lives and personalities. I'm sure I'll add more to my current list of 10. I'm @AlexaBourne if you want to follow me!

Plans are coming along for my 40th birthday party in October. I'll keep you updated!

September is also the start of the Mills & Boon New Voices Contest! This is the 2nd year for the contest. I'll be entering again, this time with a romantic suspense manuscript. To find out more about the contest, visit the New Voices website. Basically people post their 1st chapters and anyone who wants to can comment. I'll be blogging about my experience, no doubt!


  1. I'm gonna do New Voices, too. :) I'm so excited!!

  2. Cool! Looking forward to going crazy with you!