Sunday, November 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday-

Good morning! Welcome to another set of Six Sentence Sunday! To read snippets from other authors, visit the official website,

This morning I'm bringing you another snippet from Silent Surrender, my short story with my heroine, Meggie, from Her Highland Champion, and Quinn, the Irishman. Here you go!

Aye, she'd had a grand time with him, but she'd left him behind in Dublin. She'd tucked that woman away and returned to her life. It had been a good decision.

Hadn't it?

Now she couldn't be sure because those feelings he released in her all shot up and out of her mind and body. And THAT bothered her more than anything.

So? What do you think? Remember this is the really, really, really rough draft. This snippet isn't as good as the others over the last few weeks, but it still works. Poor Meggie! She has no idea how to handle or what to make of Quinn!


  1. Love how unsure of everything he makes her. Great six! :)

  2. Yep, she sounds very bothered! Nice insight to your heroine here, Alexa.

  3. That was a big question. I think it's going to bother her until she does something about it.

  4. LOL, ladies, Meggie has NO IDEA what to do with him in her hometown! Thanks for your comments!