Sunday, November 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday- New Project!

Good morning! I'm back for another round of Six Sentence Sunday! To see other Sixers and their snippets, visit the website.

Today I'm sharing a brand new story with you. I'm currently writing a story, a straight romance, no suspense, called Silent Surrender. I have to warn you it's VERY rough. I'm not even finished with the rough draft. (Hopefully soon!) But Quinn and Meggie are burning up the pages of my notebook! So, here you go!

This had to be the absolute dumbest idea he'd ever come up with. His players and fellow coaches were prepping for the friendly match with the Scotland National team and he, Quinn O'Connell, had taken a train ride to chase after a woman.

What did he expect? That they'd sleep together again and then she'd send him on his way, off to maneuver young lads through football techniques and strategies?

When he dipped into Waverley Station and bought the train ticket yesterday, this had been a grand idea. Now, standing in the lass's Highland village with no way of searching her out and nowhere to stay the nights, he felt like a fool.

What do you think? I can't decide where Quinn is from. I want him to be Scottish, but he keeps telling me he's Irish. We'll see who wins that argument! Meggie is a secondary character in my first Honor Guard book, Her Highland Champion. I loved writing her so much I knew immediately that I'd want to write her story at some point. (But this isn't an Honor Guard book.)

Thanks for visiting! I look forward to your comments.


  1. Fabulous six! I want more! And always listen to your characters. ;)

  2. Yeah, Jessica. I know I should listen to them. Too many times I've lost arguments with them! LOL!

    Thanks, Taryn!

  3. Feeling like a fool is the worst, but I hope he finds a way to make his plan work. I'm hooked.

  4. This is off to a good start, and I like this situation he's in. Quinn O'Connell is more Irish to me (I'm half meself). A more Scottish name could be Angus or something, just my opinion. But yes, listen to your characters, they'll let you know. Fun six!

  5. Oh, this is fabulous. I love how you've drawn him, the way he thinks, the predicament he's in.

  6. Fantastic voice. Crisp and interesting. I'm so looking forward to more.

  7. I like him already. Fabulous six, Alexa!

  8. Wow! Thanks so much, everyone! I'm tickled that he's working already. I have a lot to still discover about Quinn and Meggie, but you've made me so excited to get back to work!

    Frank, yeah, I went through my baby name book and purposely searched out an Irish name since I was losing the battle (to make him Scottish).

  9. Lovely six, Alexa!

    I vote for Irish, too. I have an Irish hero in one of my novellas. His name is Luc, and I just him!

    I love the name Quinn, you chose well. He grabs the reader fast! :)

  10. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's won this argument. BUT it gives me a reason to explore another country I haven't spent near enough time in- Ireland.

    Funny thing, Quinn was originally his last name, but I wasn't getting along with the original first name so when I started looking again for a name, he let me know Quinn was NOT the last name!