Sunday, November 18, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday- More with My Irishman!

Good morning! I'm here again on Six Sentence Sunday and I'm ready to share another snippet of my current Work In Progress, Silent Surrender. I'm thinking the title might change, but I'm not sure. But the couple is DEFINITELY staying! Meggie is an outspoken lass from the Highland village in my first Honor Guard story, Her Highland Champion. She once had a long, wild weekend in Dublin, Ireland with some friends and while there, she "hooked up" with Quinn. It was supposed to be a fling, nothing more. Imagine her surprise when he arrives in her Scottish village!

Last week, I introduced you to Quinn and his anxiety about searching out this woman who rocked his world. This week, we'll fast-forward to when they've already seen each other and now he's trying to convince her to....well, why spoil the surprise?

His fingers clenched, trapping her wrist on the counter and stirring her heart.

"Quinn, let go of me." Again she pulled her arm.

Still he held her tightly. With his eyes twinkling, he shook his head. "Not until you agree to a date."

So? What do you think? As I've mentioned, this is VERY ROUGH. I mean, I'm talking first draft rough. If you're so inclined, leave a comment for Meggie, Quinn and me. And, if you want to read more snippets, visit the Six Sentence Sunday website!


  1. I really enjoyed that.. great first draft xx

  2. I'm with Jessica. Hope she's says yes!

  3. I hope she agrees to the date!! Great six.

  4. Thanks, mrperfectsapprentice!

    Jessica, Jen and Layna, Quinn is quite the charmer and Meggie may be strong, but he'll wear her down. Which is EXACTLY what she needs!

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

  5. LOL, Taryn! He just knows what he wants...or thinks he does.

  6. Stirring her heart, nice. Say Yes!! pretty please :)

  7. I'm with everyone. Hope she says yes...but makes him work for it a bit harder :D

  8. S.J., Meggie won't want to give in, but she will....eventually.

    Monique, he'll definitely work for it!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Good six. Yes, have her say yes. I like when the man has to work for it.