Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Contract!!!

Celebrate with me! Yesterday I received a contract from my epublisher, Decadent Publishing, for my 3rd Honor Guard novella! YAY! I'm so excited because this is the 3rd installment of my UK trilogy. Here is the truly unofficial blurb:

Simple Treasures is a romantic suspense set in Edinburgh, Scotland during Hogmanay (AKA New Year's). The heroine, Joanna Grainger, is a former US Army soldier who witnesses a crime no one believes happened. The hero, Scotsman Colin Munro, must protect her as the unofficial final segment of his interview process for one of the world's top bodyguard agencies, the International Protective Network. Neither of them wants a partner of any kind, but if they have any chance of stopping a killer they must put their faith in each other.


  1. "...witnesses a crime no one believes happened."

    !!! Now I'm totally hooked !!!

    Kinda cruel for you to post this so far outl

  2. LOL, Irene! This one, I think, has the most suspense out of all 3 novellas. It's still way less than my full-length stories, though. And cruel? Nah. Just wanted to give you an idea of what it's about. And really, it won't be long.

  3. Doing the happy dance for you, Alexa! Congratulations!!

  4. Congratulations. I loved Your Highland Champion and I can't wait to read your next book.

  5. Thanks so much, Brenna & Jo-Ann!

    And Jo-Ann, thanks for the vote of confidence on the next story! I love all my books, kinda like kids, but if I had to pick one that I love most the next one, Fractured Paradise, is the one I'd choose.