Monday, August 20, 2012

Catchin' Up

Hello, hello! I've been scarce the last week or so for no other reason than lots of stuff is going on and I've got nothing much to tell you. But, here we go with some deets:

Last week I attended substitute teacher retraining for 2 different school districts (basically so I can still be a sub this school year).

I applied for a handful of jobs- some by email, some by physically visiting the office.

I interviewed for a teaching job in China. If you're one of my Facebook friends you know the deets. If you're not one of my facebook friends....why aren't you? I didn't get that job, but I learned a lot in the process.

I interviewed for another position that is PERFECT for me. I've been passed up to the next level for a follow-up interview so once that's done I'll share more deets about it. Wish me luck and send some good vibes for me!

I researched on a few more jobs that I realized I don't want.

I heard from my lovely senior editor. She gave me the go-ahead to write my very first historical romance story, which will be a short story. She's also going to look at my 1st short story, the contemporary story Carry Me Home. I'll keep you updated on the yay or nay on that!

I visited one of my brothers who had a birthday.

I'm now taking a Marketing class through Celtic Hearts.

I'm also starting to plot and plan promo activities for when novella #2, Fractured Paradise, is released. Any ideas? Or any ideas on how I can celebrate my UK trilogy since novella #3, Simple Treasures, has also been contracted?

Okay, that's it for me. You're pretty much caught up. I'm off to the grocery story and then I'm back to work on the rough draft of the historical. Yes, such a glamorous life, huh?

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