Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stick A Fork In It!!!!


I'm working on: NOT MUCH! I'll look over Short Story #1 & plot & plan where I'll take it in the 2nd half of the story.
I'm feeling: Relieved, exhausted, overwhelmed, invincible
I'm specifically working on: Celebrating with a few beers, at the moment!
I'd like: to sleep for 10 hours straight, but I can't.

Am I finished the 1st project? YES! Tonight (Or this morning, rather) I hit the SEND button on my 3rd novella submission to my publisher. I really hope they see the potential in this story. Is it good? Absolutely. Did I revise & make it awesome? You bet! Can it be improved? Yep. Most manuscripts can be. So, when I finally got Simple Treasures to the best it could be, and I felt pretty good about it, I filled out the submission form and sent it!

Now, Tuesday I'll work on a bit on Short Story #1, but mostly I'll be working to catch up on some sleep! But when Wednesday comes I'm jumping right back into my frenzied pace until this too is submitted!

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