Monday, June 25, 2012

Honey, I'm Home!

Got back from my beach vacation yesterday. I was quite relaxed & had a great time. I read Fever by Joan Swan. GREAT story! Then I started Twisted by Laura Griffin. Another GREAT story, but I'm not even halfway through it yet.

So now it's back to business. I have no new information on my Decadent stories for you yet. I'm still searching for a "real job", working a bit this week at my 2 part-time jobs, and I'm starting the revisions from the Harlequin editor who is interested in reading the revised version of my romantic suspense story from last year.

I'm a little overwhelmed and worried about succeeding with these revisions, but I think that's normal. I KNOW I'm good enough to get the revisions done. Plus, the editor's comments have been dead on for me so far! I just want this SOOOOOOO badly and I know there's still no guarantee it will sell when I'm done the revisions. BUT I'll never know unless I try!

And of course, I'm also back on Weight Watchers. After a week of adult beverages and all the "bad for me, but oh-so-good" food, I desperately need some fruit, lots of water & exercise.

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