Friday, February 3, 2012

Line Edits

On Wednesday I got my line edits for Champion. They looked relatively easy, mostly grammar (commas and I don't get along) and a few dialect issues, so I told the editor I would return them Thursday night before I went to bed.

Wow, I REALLY need to think before I promise to return stuff. Why? I left the house Thursday morning at 7, got home at 8:30 PM and then had to start my "relatively easy" edits. At 2:30 THIS morning (yes, FRIDAY morning-after 4 hours of editing!), I emailed them back to her. (Then I went to bed for 3 1/2 hours before I got up to spend the day with a class of 2nd graders.) I could've emailed earlier and said I couldn't finish at that time, but I felt I had to honor my word. It may not be a big deal at the moment, but if I let it slide now I run the risk of letting it slide later on and eventually that will come back to bite me on the arse.

Since I've been home today, I received my final edits before the story goes to the senior editor. I quickly started an email to my content editor and I had to literally take my fingers off the keyboard so I could think about my response. Can I really get everthing done before bed tonight and returned or do I need the weekend too? (For the record, I'm pretty sure I can.)

Now, as you know I've been knee-deep in revising Fractured Paradise so I can submit that to my publisher (yep, still smiling when I say that!) within the next 2 weeks. It's coming along, I'm pretty confident I'll submit it late next week and I'm absolutely LOVING everything about it. Well, when I started re-reading and editing Champion last night, what was in my head? Paradise. I kept having to remind myself to focus on the right story. It wasn't difficult, but it did feel very strange. This was the first time I'd done something like this because I usually work on one story at a time. (Not quite sure how that will play out when I have multiple contracts, but I can't wait to find out!)

So now I'm off to make a cup of tea and sit down to my final edits. I'll let you know if I get them done tonight!


  1. It's such a great feeling when you're loving your story! Congrats on finishing up your edits.

  2. And yes, I actually feel invincible when I'm loving my story.