Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where I Am Right Now...

ONLINE CLASSES:  I had 2 online classes scheduled for February. Both got cancelled for not enough participants. I'm not too broken up about it. I figure I can use the time I would've spent on the classes on learning promo options for Champion.

BOOK PROMO: I'm very excited about my education so far. I've got some great ideas for my book's release, and I've been securing guest blog/interview spots on various blogs. I am learning, though, that promo does take an AMAZING amount of time. I've had author friends tell me this, but I don't think you can truly understand it until you're doing it yourself. And I'm not even doing much yet!

UK TRILOGY BOOK #2: Fractured Paradise is TOTALLY coming along. In fact, I might actually be able to submit it a bit early. I'm LOVING it!

REAL LIFE: I've lost 3lbs in the month of January and I wasn't even trying very hard. But that changes tomorrow. I signed up for the 40-day fitness challenge at my gym, from February 1st to March 11th. I'm already tired, but I'm looking forward to pushing myself. It works out well because it will end just before St. Patrick's Day & my release.

SO....tonight's dinner is courtesy of one of my brothers & sisters-in-law. They gave me a gift card to Olive Garden for Christmas. I'm going to eat something really bad for me, sort of like the last fattening supper!

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