Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mush, I Tell You!!!!

At the weekend, I thought I could survive at the temporary sub job. After a couple more days of babysitting, policing and getting pegged between the eyes by a paper airplane, I gave my notice to the principal. It's not worth it when I'm depressed, exhausted, physically sick and I'm only making a bit more money. (PLUS I haven't been able to write anything!) So, I've got tomorrow, the hell day, and Friday. THEN I'll be free to take other jobs!

Yesterday and today at the day job, while the kids chased each other around the room and ran in and out of the room, I worked on the new project, Unbroken. I'm determined to finish the partial in the next couple of weeks so I can submit it to the editor who requested it! It deserves to be read. I was going to share a pic of my inspiration for the hero, but the internet isn't working with me right now. Maybe later.

Have a good Thursday! It's my hell day since I have all my toughest classes, each for 1 hour and a 1/2, but I WILL SURVIVE!

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