Thursday, February 9, 2012

Temporary Heaven...Lexi Style!

It's almost Friday. I've got a sub job in a 4th grade classroom tomorrow and then NOTHING to do but focus on writing! (Well, I'll probably fill out some job applications tomorrow night, but that's it.) How am I so fortunate to have nothing to do but write, you ask? This weekend is my Austin RWA annual writing retreat. I'm getting up early Saturday morning to drive to a beautiful place for some quality time with some of my writer friends and my current FANTABULOUS characters. I'm so excited because I've been trying to finish the 4th & 5th drafts of Fractured Paradise for almost 2 weeks now. I expect to get tons done before I head home late Sunday afternoon. No, our retreat is not taking place in this location, but the way I feel when I look at this picture is EXACTLY how I know I'll feel Saturday when I arrive. Come on back Sunday. I'll post pics and details of my retreat experience AND deets about my universe plea from Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

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