Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time Crunch!

It's January 24th. (Where did the first 3 weeks of the year go?????) I've got to buckle down and get busy.

I've got a completely new class that I'm teaching in February to write lessons for
I've got a 2nd class I'm teaching in February (1 I've done before) to prep for
I'm sure I'll have edits from the line editor for Champion
I've just decided to switch the submission plan for my next 2 novellas. Basically I have 1 I've been writing that's set around New Year's. I've decided to submit that one later so that if it gets accepted it can come out around New Year's. So, I'm putting that rough draft aside to focus on revising what was going to be my 3rd one. I want that one ready to submit by the middle of February.

And of course I'm still hunting for a "real job."

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