Sunday, January 22, 2012

Interview With Tami Dee!

Today I'm sharing time with author Tami Dee. Tami's in Celtic Hearts with me and we've been online friends for quite a while. I've read her AMAZING Viking books, which are bestsellers for her publisher Desert Breeze Publishing. Recently Tami branched out and wrote a Scottish historical romance, Innocent Deception. I'm excited to read this book because Tami's a great author and Scotland is my happy place, no matter the time period! So join me in learning more about Tami Dee!
LEXI: You've written stories about Vikings. What made you switch to Scottish historicals?
TAMI: As you know, I belong to Celtic Hearts Romance Writers, an RWA loop that is all things Scottish. I just love the Scottish 'feel' its history and my current CHRW warm friendships and support. Not to mention, I ADORE reading Scottish Historicals. What could be easier, or more fun, than writing my own?

LEXI: What was the most difficult part of writing this story? The easiest?
TAMI: Hardest: Picking a year and learning that year's history!!! Oh, my goodness, when I started out, I was like, 'I can do this, I've read thousands of Scottish Historicals" then, when I really got started...... oh, boy, the hardest thing I have ever written. lol. Seriously, knowing that so many who love Scottish Historical really KNOW their stuff, made me really try and get my story's FACTS right. hahha. I had to turn to my CHRW more than once for advice and crash course of history lesson! But, in the end, after I typed those last words, I felt really good about the story. I hope readers feel the same. *grin*

Easiest: The story of Innocent Deception itself. I let my story drive itself, and my hero and heroine went places that were full of adventure and love.

LEXI: What is something not a lot of people know about you that you wish more people knew?
TAMI: Most people don't know that I have dyslexia. Don't ask me to call a long distance phone number or I will be pushing wrong buttons all day before I get them right! I do okay when reading words, but when writing words, my brain, eyes, get all mucked up. I can spell the same word (wrong) six different ways, and not 'see' that it's wrong, or different than the last time I spelled it wrong. It gets sooooo frustrating and makes even fun things, like interview questions or chatting on a loop, difficult and sometimes embarrassing when the people you are writing to are so smart and bright. But, you know, I have so much to say, that I just plow on in and say it, hoping for the best and a bit of understanding from those I am writing to. :) Needless to say, I rely on my editor a great deal when it comes to the final edit of my books.

LEXI: Favorite vacation spot? (Where you've been or want to go)
TAMI: Lol, that's easy, Scotland!!!! I don't know if I will EVER get there, but oh I want to go so bad. The place I do get to, somewhat often, is Half Moon Bay, San Francisco. It is a perfect day trip and just being by the ocean takes the pressure of everyday life right off my shoulders.

LEXI: What do you wish you'd known before you got published?
TAMI: I wish I would have known how much support other authors gave to one another. I wish I had known that editors can unravel what my dyslexic brain tries to convey. I wish I had known how completely worth the effort of writing those happily ever afters could be. If I had known those things years ago, I would have started writing so much sooner than I did.

LEXI: What's next for you?
TAMI: A lot, actually! In June 1, 2012, my very first book, Under A Viking Moon, will be offered as PRINT ON DEMAND. I am sooo excited, and I hope I am not the only one who will 'demand' a print copy. hahhahhaa. Then, in August 21, 2012, I am co-writing the first in a series with Lynette Endicott, a fellow Desert Breeze author. The series is entitled Time after Time Saga, book one is Animal Instinct. This series is a fantacy romance, with ancestral memories sprinkled in the mix. Then, in October 1, 2012, my English Historical, Love's Fragile Embrace, will be released. (I am waiting to hear from my editor, the release date may be moved to a sooner date) I am super excited!

LEXI: And if you have any questions you wish someone would ask you in an interview that you want to answer....
TAMI: I would just like to thank you again for your support, you're the best of the best, my friend!

You are MOST welcome, Tami! Thanks for joining me today. Folks, you can find out more about Tami and her books (and where to buy this book!) by visiting If you like Scottish historicals, take a chance on Tami! I guarantee you won't be disappointed!