Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Week Later....

Hi-ho, hi-ho!  I'm still here. I've been visiting with the family, working and....WRITING! I finally cancelled my home phone (got my cell though), cable & internet in the house. Right now I'm using the internet at a friend's house who only lives a few doors down to me. It's been different without all that in the house, but I can't believe how much time I'm saving. I've been able to get back to the business of writing, which is so important if I actually want to sell something! 

I'm so excited about my current story. It's the novella with an American woman and a Scotsman set in modern day Edinburgh and the Highlands. At the moment it's called Her Highland Champion and here's my latest blurb for it:

She needed a hero.
He had no courage to be one.
Can her love renew his confidence and make him her Highland champion?

Yes, I know that blurb isn't the best, but I'll be revising it as I get closer to submitting the story. I'll be sharing more about the story in the next couple of weeks. I expect to finish the rough draft tonight and then have it all ready to be submitted by the end of next weekend!

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