Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scottish Highlands & Sexy Scotsmen!

This past Saturday I finished the rough draft of my contemporary Scottish suspense novella, Her Highland Champion. When I started working on the 2nd draft Sunday, I panicked a little because I thought I started to see that a lot more work needed to be done on it before I could submit it and I was hoping to send it off in about a week.Today I started playing with the scenes that were frustrating me and I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! I was trying to keep the events in the order and location that I had them instead of letting the characters guide me through their story. Just because I created these characters well over 10 years ago doesn't mean I know what's best for their new (and better) story. So, I tossed out some more "favorite" scenes, started working with my characters and you know what? It's all flowing again! Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to submit it as planned.

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