Sunday, April 10, 2011


My book and my writing are officially on hold until next weekend.  Why, you ask?  I was at Barnes & Noble with a friend and I decided to look for a study guide for my teacher certification test next Saturday.  Um, some of the questions in there scared me.  (I haven't taught science, math or social studies since 2004!)

So, since I shelled out good money to take the test, I need to spend as many waking moments as I can over this week studying for it.  At first, I gave my friend the deer in the headlights look, but when I got home I took the Pre-test and actually got about a 70% on it.  So, if I study all week (a different subject each day), I should be all set for Saturday.  I don't need to aim for a 100%.  I just need to pass it.

And really, the break from Lies will probably do my manuscript good as well.  I'll pop in mid-week and let you know how the studying is going!  Wish me luck!

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