Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Not much to tell since Saturday's partying that the teacher test was over.

Work- worked 1 day this week, interviewed 1 place.  Holding out hope for jobs Thursday and Friday.  Already have a 3-day job next week at a school I like.

Writing- haven't officially gotten back to it yet, but since I'm not teaching today I'm going to spend it on THE BOOK.  I emailed my CP last night to help brainstorm with me so that, as I write/revise the 2nd half of the book, I don't run in circles. I ended up working a half-day in a 1st grade classroom.  Good fun!

Writing class-Killer Openings is winding down.  Only 2 more lessons and a wrap-up.  It's been a GREAT experience!  My next one to teach is Contests- The Basics and that's through Hearts Through History Romance Writers in July.  I'm excited to get started on those lesson plans in the coming months!

Sometime in the next week or so the Daphne will announce its finalists.  Keep your fingers crossed and send positive vibes that one of my stories makes the cut!

Off to have breakfast and then get busy with some work!  Have a great day!

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