Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Week???

It's been a week since I posted last.  That hardly EVER happens with me!

Classes- my two classes are still a bit overwhelming, but I'm getting some GREAT info!

My classes- I'm officially signed up to be an online writing instructor!  My friend Becca talked me into submitting a proposal when RWA chapters were looking for instructors.  I put together 3 proposals and I teach my first class in August!  It's going to be "Killer Openings."  My 2 for next year are "Contests- The Basics" and "Finished the Manuscript!  Now What?"  Don't worry, I'll be reminding you when they get closer!

My book is slowly coming along.  Actually, it's KILLING ME, but something about the characters keeps me going back for more.

Job- Still subbing, still looking to do editing/critiquing as part of CK TUTORING, and still looking for something more permanent. 

I've been hitting the gym and watching my diet lately.  I can feel a difference, although I'm not sure if I've lost any pounds.  I'm kind of scared to get on the scale, but I will in the next few days.

Still got full cable.  I called last week, remember, to cut it down to basic.  I'll call again I guess.  Why can't things be handled the FIRST time????

Okay, I think that's it for now.  I'll get back to real posting soon- probably after my 2 classes are finished next week!


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