Thursday, February 3, 2011

Celebrating 60!

Got a rejection yesterday on a manuscript I thought for sure would sell.  The story is solid.  I'm pretty confident with it.  I think it just hasn't met the right editor yet.  It was my 60th rejection.  I decided to celebrate!  And why not?  That just means I've been brave enough to submit my work that many times!  AND it's one step closer to a YES!

I subbed today and got to write 7 pages on the current manuscript, AND I managed to get a solid page of notes on the hero's Goal, Motivation & Conflict!  I'm so excited because it's opened up more of the story for me.  Yes, I'm still on Chapter 2, but it'll be done soon, I'm sure and then I have places to go with the characters!

We're supposed to have snow here in Austin, Texas through the night and into tomorrow morning.  It's only supposed to be 1-3 inches, but that's enough to pretty much close down Austin.  Part of me is secretly hoping for a 2-hour delay tomorrow for the schools so I can stay home and write.  Part of me (the part not responsible for my bills) is hoping we have an entire snow day!

This weekend I'll continue to celebrate 60 with you by sharing some of the choice phrases I've received in my rejections.  I'll also tell you what I've done in the name of my craft.  (Still haven't done it, so I can't tell you yet!)