Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Check-In

Day Job Work:  I was thinking about taking more classes and becoming a school librarian.  Then I heard Austin ISD is eliminating 74 librarian jobs.  So now I'm just going to get my K-6 certification and hope for the best for a job next school year.  (I'm already English & ESL certified for 4th-8th grades).  Of course, I'm still subbing, still applying everywhere and anywhere I can and still hoping for something awesome this spring.

Yesterday I didn't have a sub job and today I had a 1/2 day sub job, so I got to spend a chunk of time on Lies.  

Writing:  I'm making slow and steady progress on my 2nd draft of Lies.  I'm really enjoying the book so far.  I had wanted to already be done with the partial, but I'd forgotten that a winning partial takes time!  So, I'm working on chapter 2 now and should be done with it after tomorrow night.  Then, by the end of the weekend, I should have chapter 3 belted out.  Here's hoping!

Reading:  I decided to set a reading goal for myself.  I'm aiming to read a book a week.  It may not seem like much, but over the last year, year and a half I've read less and less.  So, 1 book a week is doable for me.  So far it's working.  I'm about halfway through Tami Dee's 3rd Viking story (and LOVING it, of course!) and I started it at the weekend.

Life After Quitting:  It's about this time last year when I first seriously considered leaving my job.  I've said all along that I don't regret it.  Would I have done things differently had I known I'd still be without a "real job" now?  Yes.  Would I have still quit?  Most likely.  It's hard to be so positive about my decision when people are starting to get excited about Nationals and I know I can't go unless something MAJOR happens.  It's hard when I want to make vacation plans to get to RI (where I haven't seen some of my family since Summer '09) and I still can't be sure when I'll get there.  But mostly, it's hard to imagine NOT being at RWA Nationals when my friend and CP Cat will be signing her first book.

And now you're caught up! 

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