Sunday, January 13, 2013

Here I am!!!

Good morning! I'm so sorry it's been a WHOLE week since I last posted. I've been a busy woman! Here are the deets for ya:

Day Job- Did I tell you I finally got a full-time day job? I signed the contract just before Christmas and I started last Monday. I'm officially a Writing Tutor for kids who are struggling with their writing skills in a charter school. I'll be working with kids from 4th grade through 11th. I get benefits again, I'm paid hourly (so I don't have as much stress/pressure as a regular teacher), and I'm on the upper end of the pay scale since I have 2 degrees. It's WONDERFUL going to the same place every week, at the same time, and working with the same people!

Print Book- I know I told you about my 3 Honor Guard novellas getting put into one print anthology with the title of Through the Eyes of Darkness, but I should be able to show you the cover soon. I received the mock version on Friday and it is gorgeous! I can't wait to be able to hold that baby in my hands. Honestly, the cover makes me want to write more stories set in the UK.

New Contract- Congratulate me! Last week I received a contract from my epublisher for my 1st short story!!!! Carry Me Home will be part of a new series of romance books for Decadent Publishing. It is a contemporary romance set in my fictional Highland village of Glenhalish. If you read Her Highland Champion, you'll recognize the hero and heroine. They are Mary MacDougall, who works in the B & B, and Jamie MacDougall, who runs the family pub. I filled out the required paperwork for that story toward the end of last week and returned it. Here's the unofficial blurb:

Mary MacDougall has come home to Glenhalish for one thing: her husband’s signature on the divorce papers. But Jamie has no intention of throwing away the partnership they’d built since they were children. Instead, he plans a sweet seduction to remind her why they are meant to be together forever.

Sounds good, huh? I'll keep you updated on the cover and the release date!

Contest winners- If you're still waiting for a prize from me, I haven't forgotten you! I PROMISE I will follow through. I'm just in a pickle at the moment (or over several moments!), but I will do my duty!

As for other writing, I have a full-length romantic suspense submitted with another epublisher. Fingers crossed they'll want it! AND, I'm planning to submit my 2nd short story, Silent Surrender, to Decadent by the end of January. Okay, I think that brings you up to date on everything going on here. I promise not to let a whole week go by again without checkin' in with you.

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