Monday, October 22, 2012


Hello, hello! I'm currently on a "writing break" as I refill the well and prep for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which starts on November 1st. I'm reading (on my 2nd Jill Shalvis book in a week!!), playing, planning and teaching an online class. Here's what's up:

I received a rejection from Harequin for a full-length suspense story. It's the one I did a revise and resubmit on. One editor requested it and then she was transfered to a different department. The 2nd editor was very nice in her rejection, telling me what she liked and what needed work, and she offered to read something else. So I immediately decided to submit another manuscript that I love.

Because I love the rejected manuscript and still believe in the story, I'm going to review it and submit it to other epublishers. (I can't send it to my epub, because it's longer than the books they publish.)

My NaNoWriMo book is itching to get out! I can't wait! I've been jotting down notes for it and today I heard the theme song on the radio. (It's "Without You" by David Guetta with Usher.) Remember what it's about? Stripped- Tessa has 2 men in her life. One doesn't know she's alive, one wants her dead and by the end of the week she'll leave them both speechless.

I've decided not to write the historical romance short story I was working on. There were many reasons, but it boils down to the reader in me would love the story in my head, but the writer in me can't get the right story on paper. I tried for 2 months and I was still only halfway through the rough draft.

In place of the historical short story, I've started jotting down notes for a new contemporary romance short story, which will be set in my fictional happy place, Glenhalish (the setting of Her Highland Champion), and will "star" a heroine my senior editor mentioned not too long ago.

I'm teaching my favorite online class, Killer Openings, this month and loving it. I'm also gearing up for my next online class, Candid Confessions of a Newbie Author, in which I discuss in detail what happens after the book contract is signed. I'm giving details about the ups and downs, doubts and successes of my first year as a published author. That class will be taught in November.

I've been working a bit more, which is great, but I'm also going to step up my search AGAIN for a full-time job.

2 weeks tomorrow Fractured Paradise comes out!!!! Yay! I'm planning to celebrate on a few different blogs, as well as my own. A friend recently went to London, so I asked her to pick up some goodies I can use for contest prizes, as well as free books!

Okay, back to work!  

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