Thursday, October 4, 2012

Are You Ready????

Can you guess what I'll be doing in just FOUR weeks from today? I'll give you a hint:

Yep, I'll be joining NaNoWriMo for the 4th year in a row. I'll be working on a new full-length novel that is more suspense than romance. This year's baby is called Stripped and the couple have been on my case to write their story since NaNo 2011. I LOVE these two, am excited to share their story, and hope you'll one day get to read it! For now, you'll have to settle for this blurb:
Tessa has two men in her life:
One doesn't know she's alive,
the other wants her dead, and
by the end of the week she'll leave them both speechless.


  1. What's your username on NaNo? I'm at

  2. Tez, I'm under Alexa Bourne. Yeah, really creative, huh?