Saturday, October 6, 2012

1st Review For Fractured Paradise!

Of course I'm interested in people's opinions of my books, right? I'm especially interested in hearing what Brits have to say since my books so far have been set in Great Britain, and I hope to honor my heritage with my stories and characters. So imagine how tickled I was when I received this review from an Englishwoman for Fractured Paradise, coming out November 6th!

"A good novella is the equivalent of haute cuisine – fantastic quality that leaves you satisfied yet wanting more. That is how I would describe Fractured Paradise – a well written story, with be...
lievable characters that I wanted to get to know even better.
I was intrigued by the conflict between protagonists Rachel Grant, who has gone to Sunderland to honour her grandmother’s wish of repairing her old cottage home and Englishman Aiden Camden who wants to buy the cottage to honour his dead wife’s dreams.
This conflict is as real as the intense longing the pair feel towards each other, but must fight for fear of abandoning their promises. The language Alexa Bourne uses is rich and sensual, creating realistic scenes of love and lust, which only added to the story and were never thrown in for affect or for the sake of it.
But Fractured Paradise is not solely a love story but a suspense, which entraps the reader into devouring the whole story in one sitting as I did. My only disappointment was that it finished all too quickly.
A very enjoyable read."

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