Monday, December 20, 2010

Ho Hum

I'm kinda down right about now and I have absolutely NO reason to be.  I just am.

I started a Christmas anthology yesterday and couldn't get into either of the stories I tried. Then I picked up another anthology I bought a different year and I couldn't get into those stories either. I did find a Cara Colter Harlequin Romance that I'm liking, although I feel like I've already read it. BUT I don't remember how it ends so I'll keep going.  LATER:  YEP, I READ IT LAST YEAR.  IT'S ON MY LIST OF BOOKS READ IN 2009.  BUT I STILL DON'T REMEMBER HOW IT ENDS SO THIS WILL BECOME THE 2ND BOOK I'VE EVER READ MORE THAN ONCE.

One of my CPs asked me to evaluate my writing career and my goals. I always do that at this time of the year anyway, and I'd actually started thinking that maybe I'm not writing romantic suspense. Maybe I'm writing novels with strong romantic elements. I also said I'd been toying with the idea of a single title, a story that won't fit in any Harlequin category line. So she challenged me to write a single-title in 2011.

I want to write, but the problem is I have no story in me that's BEGGING to be told. I have a lot of great story ideas, but nowhere to focus my energy. I know all this glumness will pass, but right now it's buried deep into my soul.

GET OUT!!!!!


  1. I think you would do great at ST. What harm is there in trying? I think you should definitely give it a go!!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, RBN!

  3. Go for it with the ST, Alexa. You'll find yourself flexing different writing muscles, and that's always a good thing. Category will still be there if you decide to change pace with the story, or re-evaluate.

    I think it's normal to get down about our writing and our goals from time to time. Enjoy the holidays and approach 2011 with a fresh start.

  4. Thanks for your advice too, Cindy! I'm doing a lot of reading right now, which always helps me refocus my own goals.