Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy, Busy!

Hello, blog world!  It feels like FOREVER since I blogged!  I've been keeping busy, as I'm sure you are.  Tuesday I had a job interview that went really well and I REALLY wanted the job, but they called me today and said they'd hired from within.  Bummer. 

I realized, though, that my writing rejections have helped me deal with job rejections.  I wallowed for about an hour and then I hopped back online to check some of the school district websites for other openings.  I applied for 2 more jobs.  Tomorrow I'll check some more school districts and some other websites.  One day at a time, right?  SOMETHING will break and I'll start to earn a regular paycheck again.

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping and today I boxed everything I have to ship and spent 12 minutes in the post office! 

Tonight I'm going to an advanced screening of True Grit. 

In between all my activities, I've been reading Kerry Connor's Silent Night Stakeout.  I LOVE Kerry's work! 

Tomorrow will be spent applying for more jobs, finishing my Christmas shopping, and a trip to Barnes & Noble to spend my $25 gift card from the ladies of Get Lost in a Story.  I also plan to spend a HUGE chunk of time writing.  I mean hours.  Lots of hours.  I'll write on my novella, some fan fiction for a new-to-me show with yummy heroes, and another blog post about some other writing related things that have happened this week.  (No, no contract yet.  And no, no other rejection yet.  You'll just have to wait to find out.)