Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Celebrate my new identity- ALEXA BOURNE- with me!  Want to know the story behind the new name?  Well, you can read why I had to change here.  So what went into choosing this name?  I wanted to keep a first name that would allow people to still call me Lexi because a lot of people only know me by that name.  I wanted the transition as simple as possible.  Then it became a struggle to find a last name that meant something special to me.  Every other name I came up with either already had a well-established writer attached to it or it didn't roll off the tongue like I wanted.  OR I was afraid to pick something that I might hate a few years down the road.  Now, those of you who have known me for any length of time know that my absolute favorite fictional character is Jason Bourne.  So, one day while searching for a new name, I jokingly said Alexa Bourne to my critique partners and they liked it.  I tried it out with a few other friends and they liked it too.  So I decided to embrace it! 
Today I would like to invite you to the New Kids on the Writer's Block blog 
because I'm guest blogging about how I still have the energy to 
continue my pursuit of publication after so long.  I encourage you
to read it and share your thoughts.

To celebrate the birth of my new identity, I'm running a contest for the month of December.  Details are located on my brand new website-!


  1. YEAH!! Love the new name. It suits you so much better. Now, let's get you published before someone snaps up this name.

  2. I love this name, too. :-) And ditto to what Cat said.

  3. Love the new name and can't wait to read the new story!

  4. Thanks, Cat! That's so nice to hear! And yes, I better get busy because I don't want to have to find ANOTHER name!

    Thanks, Rebecca!

    Thanks, Shellee! And you'll be happy to hear I'm thinking Broken Promises needs to come out of hiding.

  5. Congrats on the new identity! The site looks great :-)

  6. I love the new name, and the new website it AWESOME!!


  7. Thanks, ladies! I'm still grinning whenever I hear/read/say the name and whenever I look at the site or blog! At some point, I hope I stop long enough to get back to work!

  8. And now we have a new Bourne Begining :o)
    Love the name and the web page