Tuesday, February 5, 2013

News On The PRINT Book!

As I'm working on edits for Carry Me Home, a short story romance set in the Highlands of Scotland, I've been in communication with the publisher concerning my print book, Through the Eyes of Darkness! I've seen the front and back cover of it, LOVE it, and can't wait until I can show you! (I can't because I'm having trouble uploading it here.) Also, the print version of my 3 Honor Guard novellas may be available as early as a couple of weeks!!!! I'll keep you updated!

Day job is good. It's so nice having a steady paycheck, the same place to go every morning and people who recognize you. I got my hair cut yesterday and so many people stopped me today and commented on it. For some reason it made me feel good that people noticed and that they've known me long enough to notice.

Actual writing time has been non-existent. Ugh! I really need to get this 2nd short story finished so I can submit it. Why? Because I really want to get back to a longer story with violence and suspense. After seeing Zero Dark Thirty at the weekend, I'm craving a suspensy, thriller-type of story with a minor romance. Yep, I'm in the mood to kill people....

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