Saturday, February 2, 2013

Logo Unveiling!!!!

It's Here, It's Time, It's FANTABULOUS!!!

My fictional bodyguard company, the International Protective Network (or IPN), has an interesting history. To read more about it, go here. I guarantee you'll see exactly why this logo is PERFECT for the company!
In each of my Decadent Publishing Honor Guard books, one of the main characters is an employee of this company, the IPN. The stories I plan to submit this year (and in the future), will also have one employee. Now I have this fabulous logo to use for promoting ALL of my Honor Guard stories. 
A HUGE thank you to Cheryl Rae, the wonderful artist who worked with me over a couple of months to put this design together. I love it a bit more each time I look at it.
Well? What do YOU think?   


  1. I love it, Alexa!!! Very cool and eye catching!

  2. Very realistic. I can see it engraved on the entry doors.

  3. It's better than many real logos I've seen. Terrific job. T-shirt worthy!

  4. Fabulous! That Cheryl is a wonder, isn't she?

  5. Love it, Alexa! What a great idea to have a logo for your books.....

  6. woo hooo! looks good on your website too!

  7. Looks great, Alexa! How cool to have an icon!!

  8. Thanks, Vonda!
    Oooh, Ana, I like that engraved on doors idea.
    Thanks, Sandy! And wow, I hadn't thought about T-shirts, but YEAH!
    Thanks, Jan! Yep, we're lucky to have her!
    Thanks, Keira!
    Cheryl, I can't thank you enough. I can't wait to put it on my website and on the side here. And EVERYWHERE else!
    Thanks, Jax!

  9. Very intriguing logo, Alexa. It made me want to know more about it. Good job.

  10. You could go into the Logo business. That is one cool logo. Marketing Maniac Kitten is jealous.

  11. Thanks, everyone! Liza, LOLOL! I couldn't design anything to save my life. I'm lucky enough to have someone who can handle all that for me.