Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Release Party For Cat Schield!

Welcome, welcome!  Today is the official release date of my friend and critique partner Cat Schield's debut novel, Meddling With a Millionaire!  I'll be hosting my own party for her all this week so please visit as often as you can and learn more about Cat and her work!
Here's the lowdown on the week's festivities:
Today-Introduction (or the history of how we became friends)
Tomorrow- Part I of Cat's interview
Thursday- Part II of Cat's interview
Friday- Excerpts of Cat's work
Saturday- Something else...shhhhh, it's a surprise!

Now, all week you'll also be able to enter a contest for the Meddling With a Millionaire prize pack, which includes a copy of Cat's debut Desire novel.  How can you win?  All you have to do is leave a comment on any of the posts between now and Saturday.  (For example, if you read the excerpts on Friday and comment that you CAN'T WAIT to read all her work, you'll be entered into the drawing!)  It's THAT easy!  Also, if you are a follower of my blog already, or join as a follower this week, you'll get an extra entry into the contest.  SO, the more you comment, the more entries you have into the contest.

Cat and I "met" when we both finaled together in a contest.  I'm pretty sure it was in 2007, but Cat can correct me if I'm wrong.  We wished each other well, emailed during the waiting time between finaling and when the winners were announced, and we decided to keep in touch.  Through the next couple of years, we emailed more and commiserated over rejections and stories not working right.  We began brainstorming together unofficially and, as time went by and we became better friends, that led to us finally becoming official critique partners.

In 2009, we decided to room together for the RWA National Conference in DC.  This was the first time we ever met in person.  I can tell you I was a bit worried at first because I thought, "What if we don't get along?  What if we can't stand each other by the time the conference is over?"  I mean, being friends online is one thing, but making that friendship work in person is COMPLETELY different.  Luckily, I had nothing to worry about.  We hit it off and during that conference we became better friends.

In 2010, Cat finaled in the Golden Heart competition and we again roomed together in Orlando.  We had a FABULOUS time!  And Cat won the Golden Heart!

It wasn't too long after Nationals that Cat sold her first book, Meddling With a Millionaire to Harlequin Desire.  No one was happier for Cat than I was (except maybe for Cat herself!).  

Since selling that first book, she's sold 2 more and contracted for a 4th.  She shares details with me of life after "THE CALL" and we still critique and brainstorm together.

 As I said before, her first book, Meddling With a Millionaire, is out today.  Her next book, A Win-Win Proposition, is due out in October 2011.  To learn more about Cat, you can visit her website- www.catschield.com.  You can also find her on the group blog- Get Lost in a Story. And tune in here tomorrow for my Q & A session with Cat!


  1. Wow! What a wonderful friendship! Support and brainstorming. I took the Defeat Self Defeating Behavior class last Jan and in there we read every day about change partners got the call at different times. Just keep plugging away Alexa!! And congrats Cat!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! And be sure to visit later this week for more!

    LOL! And I figure if Cat keeps working with me on mine manuscripts, one of these days some wonderful editor will scoop me up too!

  3. Hi Lexi, thanks so much for this week of fun and celebration. It's been a long time since you kicked my butt in the Merritt. And how ironic that Stacy is now my Sr Editor.

  4. Hi Michelle, I took Margie's class a few years ago and got a lot out of it. She offers lecture packets on her deep EDIT classes as well. They're definitely worth looking at.

    Darling Lexi, you are definitely going to get scooped up by a wonderful editor. They would be crazy not to!