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A Glimpse Into Cat Schield's Writing!

Today, I'm bringing you two treats!  First up is an excerpt from Cat's  FREE novella she wrote and released before her book came out.  The hero in this story, Cody, is the brother of the heroine in her Desire novel Meddling With A Millionaire.   

Her Secret Millionaire
Chapter One
      The scent of hay, horses and hot-blooded male filled the sparsely furnished studio apartment above the barn.  Jaime dug her toes into rough wood planks as Cody came up behind her.  “I really can’t stay.”
        His fingers grazed her shoulder as he slipped her hair aside and nuzzled the sensitive skin below her ear.  He dislodged her bra strap with an expert flick of one finger and fanned his hand over her stomach.  Gentle pressure coaxed her backward until her shoulders met his bare chest.  Her hormones buzzed at the contact.
       “Baby, it’s just a party.”
       “But I’ve promised I’ll be there.”
       At the rate things were going, it wouldn’t require a whole lot to convince her to skip the event.  Already her muscles were yielding to the notion of spending the evening wrapped in Cody’s arms.
“You’ll be bored to tears.”
       He had that right.
       A long gown of olive silk hung from the closet door.  The last thing she wanted to do was zip herself into the designer original her mother had found on her last trip to New York City.
       “This afternoon was great,” she murmured.
       A low hum vibrated against her neck, almost a purr.  “And the evening will be even better.”
       “I can’t imagine how.”
       Her fingers skimmed along steely forearms and tugged at the hands gliding over her torso.  The wispy caresses tantalized and teased, increasing her body’s sensual thrumming.  The man sure knew how to wreak havoc on her willpower.  The longer she let this go on, the less likely she was going to leave.
       “Give me a chance and I’ll show you.”
       Desire simmered beneath her skin.  Cody’s words stoked it into a rapid boil.
       “What if I come back later?”
       “I need you now.”
       His urgent tone thrilled her.  Knowing she disturbed him was the biggest turn on.  It gave her a sense of power lacking in her personal life.  Cody made her feel beautiful and adored.  Heady stuff for a girl who’d barely known her father, been ignored by her stepfather, and bullied by her mother.
       “What are you doing to me?” she mused out loud.
       “Let’s get you out of these,” he suggested, tracing the edge of her panties.  “And see if we can figure it out.”

The rest of this FREE novella can be found on Cat's website-

And now I bring you an excerpt from her debut novel.

Meddling with a Millionaire
by Cat Schield

"Sighting his quarry at last, Nathan Case dodged a waiter carrying a tray of champagne and navigated around a chocolate fountain. Twenty feet ahead, Emma Montgomery slipped through the cream of Dallas society gathered to celebrate New Year's Eve. Ever since arriving at her father's home an hour ago, Nathan had been searching for Emma, contemplating exactly what he intended to do when he tracked her down.

His options ranged from kissing her to throttling her.

He had yet to decide which way to go.

As if sensing the intensity of his thoughts, she glanced over her shoulder. A strand of hair caught on her lush lips as she scanned the party guests. Delicate fingers brushed long sable bangs back from her forehead, exposing the frown that pulled her brows together. She looked like a wild creature caught out in the open, unsure of where to flee. Then, her chocolate eyes locked on him.

Quick as a rabbit, she ducked around a potted palm and disappeared.

His heartbeat surged as he picked up his pace. He'd had women play hard to get before. The game sweetened their ultimate surrender. But Emma had taken the maneuver to a whole new level. If he didn't know better, he would think she was avoiding him.

Ridiculous, given what he'd learned today.

He passed the library where a rollicking sing-along was taking place, with two dozen people crowded around the grand piano to belt out Sinatra tunes.

He caught sight of Emma just before she ducked into the room and followed, glad to leave behind the throng drinking Silas Montgomery's booze and gawking at the mansion the oil tycoon had built as a testament to his wealth and power.

The two-story library with its cherry paneling and wall of bookshelves was more intimate than the colossal great hall they'd left behind, but not quiet enough for Nathan. He intended to have Emma to himself by midnight. He had no intention of letting anyone but him kiss her incredible mouth.

She stopped dead as he cut off her escape route. The noise level was too high for conversation, but Emma had little trouble communicating her impatience as he herded her toward the piano and nudged her into a narrow space between a blonde in a red halter dress and a short balding man whose attention was riveted on the woman's cleavage.

Nathan surveyed the blonde without interest. Although he appreciated a half-naked woman as much as the next guy, he wasn't a fan of augmented breasts. He preferred curves that jiggled. Emma's in particular.

His lips hovered just above her ear as he softly sang the lyrics that accompanied the romantic tune. He put his hands on the gleaming black instrument, trapping Emma between his arms. She stepped closer to the piano to avoid contact with his body.

With her luscious frame calling to him, Nathan locked his elbows to prevent himself from pressing his lower half against her round rear end. He almost groaned at the memory of cupping those sexy curves in his palms. Desire roared in his ears, drowning out the music. He lowered his head and inhaled her perfume. The scent wrapped around his libido, causing momentary amnesia. Why was he angry with her?

Then he remembered."

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