Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wanna Help?

Okay, folks! I need a hand! I've got TWO series coming up that need a title. I've got titles for the individual books, but I'd like each series to also have a cool title too. So, here's what I've got so far:

Series 1: This is a trilogy of soccer stories. The titles have soccer terms in them. They are not related to professional soccer players, but have people that are involved or are fans of the game.

Series 2: This is a set of stories that revolve around a bounty hunting agency. There are 5 siblings, with the last name Owen, and each person will be getting his or her own story.

If you have any ideas, leave them in the comment section. If you have questions that I can answer, leave those in the comment section too and I'll add that information in the comments or on here in bold.

If I use your suggestion or your suggestion leads me to coming up with my own, you will win a prize!


  1. Ugh, Alexa, I suck at titles, let alone series titles. And I know nothing of soccer. :(
    My only suggestion is for your second series and since he Owen sibling is going to get their own story how about The Owen Legacy or something along those lines.
    Sorry, that's all I've got!
    Good luck!

  2. hmmmm.....
    As far as the soccer stories go, it is hard to title them without knowing kind of the tenor or general plot... but there are some interesting soccer terms that could work as a title or part of a title... http://www.juniorsoccercoach.com/public/730.cfm has a list of soccer terms and their meanings... how about...blind side, breakaway, first touch, high press, killer pass, offside trap, save... any of those have potential. :)

  3. For soccer, you could use a soccer position, such as goal keepers or center forwards or just playing of the the terms scoring or playing. Another thought is something like bench warmers since fans are a key part. As for bounty hunters, something, could you play with Mutiny on the Bounty, Dead or Alive, always gets their man Or services rendered. Just some thoughts. Series names are particularly hard.

  4. 1: scoring to win
    loving soccer
    for the love of soccer

    2: hunting for love
    hunting Owen
    on the hunt for an Owen
    on the hunt for Owen
    the Owen Agency
    Agent Owen

  5. Here are a few thoughts---
    Running With The Ball
    Illegal Moves
    Play to the Whistle
    Champions League
    Man of the Match

    Bounty Hunters:
    The Heat Series
    The Heat Wave Series
    The Bounty Boys
    The Bounty Brothers
    Hope that helps!

  6. Oh, I thought of one more for the title of your soccer series, if it takes place anywhere in the UK... Hooligans!
    And for the Bounty Hunter series... Claiming the Bounty or Owen's Orders.