Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Amazing Family

Today as I worked on my Nano words, I found out that my hero DOES have a sister!

See, woman A was going to be the heroine for the oldest brother and I thought woman B was the sister. BUT then woman B made sure to let me know she was NOT the sister. She will be the heroine for one of the other brothers. Great. I loved it and the chemistry I could already feel between that couple made me excited for their eventual story. And so I kept writing and figured woman A would eventually be the heroine for the oldest brother. They've had some interaction, but there's been no chemistry. BUT today, woman A revealed to me that SHE is the sister to this family of 4 brothers.

Clear as mud? No worries! Here's the most important part: I now have my family of 5 siblings and each of them will have their own story. I LOVE each of them and these stories will be explosive!

Now, I'm off to continue my Nano words. I've got tonight and until midnight tomorrow to finish about 4200 words!

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