Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Contest, Contest, Contest!

"Name a Book, Win a Book" Contest!!!

With Lies being almost finished, I've realized that the original title doesn't fit anymore.  I LOVE Tell Me No Lies, but the crux of the story doesn't revolve around lies anymore so I need to come up with a new title.

Here is the one sentence blurb for the manuscript:

A self-absorbed bounty hunter must convince an obsessed victims' advocate to turn over her latest client in order to salvage the only thing that matters to him- his reputation.

Now the hero does spend quite a bit of time in the book trying to convince the heroine that he'll go along with her plan, but he has no intention of following through...until later in the book.  But his road to heroism is paved with people waiting to see him screw up and tons of self-doubt. 

THE PRIZE:  A copy of my friend and critique partner Cat Schield's first book, a Harlequin Desire entitled Meddling With a Millionaire that comes out June 7th!

To be entered, please leave your title suggestions (or questions if you need more details) in the comments.  The contest will run from now until midnight on Saturday, May 14th and I'll choose a winner from everyone who commented.

THEN on Sunday I will post the finalists for the title contest and you will be able to vote for the title you like best.  I will choose one other winner from those who vote and comment on Sunday.  So you have TWO chances to win a copy of this FABULOUS book!  (And to get a free taste of Cat's writing, visit her website.  Right now she has a free novella that's connected to the June book.  Don't delay!)


  1. Hey Alexa, I actually like the first title. LOL It sounds like a movie title to me. I think I would need more than the one line blurb though.

    Good Luck!

  2. I like the first title, too, but if it doesn't work any more, what about "Chasing ____" ? I don't know enough about the story other than the blurb so I'm not sure what goes in the blank. Congratulations on finishing, and best of luck! --Karen Saunders

  3. What about...Convince Me

  4. Thanks for commenting, ladies!

    Lizzie, that's what I was afraid of. I don't want to put too much info on here, but maybe I can figure out a bit more to put up before Saturday.

    Karen, ooh, I like using "Chasing" in the title. Thanks!

    RBN, ooooh, I really like that!

  5. I wish I had a suggestion but selecting a title is one of the harder things for me to do for my own books, let alone someone else's. I just came by out of curiosity to see what some of the suggestions were. I like Karen's and RBN's equally. Both are good.

    Have you come up with one yet?